Bringing Light to a Dark Investing World

Sick of financial advisors funneling your money into investment models you don’t fully understand or trust? So are we.

That’s why we’re breaking the investing mold & empowering our clients to own companies that align with their values, support their unique goals, & help build their wealth.

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“We hate “investing”. The way it exists these days, at least.”

Why? Because we believe today’s investors are doing it wrong. From our perspective, the modern investing system is broken —and if you’ve worked with pretty much any other investment advisor before now, you could be paying the price. Here’s why: Many advisors scatter your money across a wide variety of investments that carry additional fees, with potentially no consideration around…

What individual companies you’re actually buying into

Whether those companies align with your values & goals

What kind of long-term impact those investments may have on your financial big picture and the world around you.

In the name of “diversification”, investors frequently sink huge piles of cash into investments that may be unnecessary—and, in some circumstances, extremely harmful to their clients’ long-term performance potential.”

Diversification ends up becoming a blanket term for “doing the same thing over and over again, regardless of a client’s individual goals or current market conditions.”

…Or as we like to call it—di-WORSE-ification.

Many Modern Investors Might Say…

Their model is based on industry best practices

Investing broadly is a safer plan for your money

Investing is extremely complicated—so you should blindly trust their expertise.

But We Believe…

The modern investment industry is broken & ‘best-practices’ aren't cutting it

Investing broadly mutes performance & is only “safer” for folks who don’t want to put work into understanding their investments

Intentional Ownership isn’t complicated—especially when you partner with experts who value education and transparency.

Imagine being able to approach your investments with clarity, confidence, & transparency. Imagine having an advisory team in your corner who understands your precise financial picture, goals, & values.

Intentional Ownership Takes You Back to the ‘Good Old Days’ of Investing—Back When People Knew WHO Their Dollars Were Supporting & HOW Their Investments Aligned With Their Interests.

We take our clients back in time, to an age where investing was a deliberate act that required discernment, clarity, & strategy…

When we work together, we help you intentionally invest in what we believe are EXCELLENT companies, graded using our signature 5-part framework:


Is the company creating innovative goods or services that make sense for modern consumers?


Is the company leaving a positive impact on the world?


Does the company align with our clients’ core values & support long-term human flourishing?


Is the company driven by a greater purpose?


Does the company have solid financial bones?

What Is Intentional Ownership?


Intentional Ownership is a redefined investment philosophy focused on helping clients go beyond the industry obsession with Return on Investment—and start considering their Return on Intention.

Yes, we’re here to help our clients grow their wealth through smart investing practices. But our clients do so much more than that.

striving to make the world a better place

With our guidance, they use their prosperity to take ownership in companies who are growing, thriving, and striving to make the world a better place.”

With an Intentional Ownership perspective, we know your greatest risk is not market volatility but rather, inflation. So rather than allowing fear and greed to steer the ship when a storm rolls in, we implement strategies that aim to consistently…

Maximize long-term potential performance

Mitigate taxes

Protect what you’ve worked so hard to build

…No matter what’s going on in the world.

We’re not interested in what the Talking Heads on TV are saying.

We’re not interested in over-diversifying to sell you on a strategy that sounds good on paper but actually keeps you from achieving long-term success.

We’re here to hear your personal goals, understand your values, and help you put your money where your heart is—so you can go to bed each night knowing your investments are backed by a plan that makes sense for your growth and wellbeing.