Mitigating Capital Gains Taxes

One day at Intentional Ownership, the phone rang. On the other end was the CPA working with some of our clients. Let’s call them the Joneses*—a retired couple who was drawing income from their investments. 

“I can’t help but notice how little the Joneses* are paying in capital gains taxes,” she remarked. “I’ve never seen numbers like this with my other clients. How does this work?”

I-OWN Tax Mitigation Strategy

At Intentional Ownership, we employ a proprietary framework to help shield our clients from unnecessary tax burdens. By keeping a close watch on our clients’ accounts and playing a very hands-on role in our clients’ investments, we’re able to keep their capital gains taxes to a minimum and keep more money in our clients’ pockets.

How? It comes down to our values and our unique perspective on investing. Unlike other investment advisors, our strategy takes advantage of three important realities in the investing world…

1. Almost every year, at least once a year, the market will see a substantial correction.

2. During this correction, volatility can be leveraged as a powerful money-making tool.

3. By making a series of carefully calculated transactions during a correction, we can help our clients realize strategic losses that will offset their capital gains & lessen their tax bill.

How Our Tax Strategy Impacted the Joneses*

Several years ago, the Joneses* came to us looking for support with their investment strategy. They were a wealthy couple nearing retirement, and like many other couples in their position, they were concerned about being able to draw from their investments once they stopped earning an income—without getting slapped with a huge tax bill.

When we explained that tax mitigation was a key part of our investment strategy, they made the decision to partner with us. They’d worked with other investment professionals in the past—but no other firm had been willing to put the level of hands-on, high-touch work into their accounts that it would take to bring their tax obligations down to the minimum.

With our Intentional Ownership philosophy, we have set ourselves apart from other investment professionals. Caring for our clients in a highly individualized, hands-on capacity is exactly what we do best. We were honored to be able to help this wonderful couple hold onto more of their hard-earned wealth into their retirement years.

The result? As noted at the top of this case study, the Joneses* were able to retire to an extremely comfortable life. Today, they pull income from their investments—and compared to their peers, they see only a fraction of the tax burden. 

This is the power of our proprietary Intentional Ownership tax mitigation strategy.

*Jones is a fictional surname intended to protect our clients’ anonymity. All other details shared in this Case Study are factual.

** Past performance is not indicative of future results. All information provided herein is for educational purposes only.

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