The World of Investing Has Gotten Dark - But It Doesn't Have to Stay That Way.

With Intentional Ownership, we’re lighting the path towards more intentional, values-aligned investing.

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We hate “investing.” The way it exists these days, at least.

We believe the word “investing” has been hijacked over the years. Where it once may have inspired visions of business acumen and careful discernment, we believe today’s investing landscape has turned into something much more dismal and convoluted.

Instead of focusing on factors that actually move the needle, most investment advisors (and investors) are distracted by…



Market volatility is looked at as a danger to be avoided, rather than an opportunity to be capitalized upon.


An obsession with short-term opportunities and trends causes investors to get distracted and compromise their long-term goals and intentions.


Our virtual world has made it too easy for investors to detach from the companies we own and their impact on our world.


Quick spikes can be exciting, but no one can consistently time the market or predict the future. A long-term approach to investing is essential for those wanting to cultivate a successful investment strategy.

As Intentional Owners, we know that what you focus on grows.

So instead of focusing on scarcity-based emotions like fear & greed, we start our unique investment process by asking: 

If the role of an investor is to provide financial support for a company in exchange for partial ownership—what factors would a business owner care about??

Successful companies can’t be built from a place of reactivity. Instead of focusing on the daily ins and outs, smart entrepreneurs must create:

Value for Stakeholders

Innovative Products & Services

Wise Growth & Stewardship

Long-Term Sustainability

Most Investment Advisors Teach That Market Volatility & Short-Term Risk Are An Investor’s Biggest Foes

But Decades of Investing Have Taught Us That the REAL Monsters Investors Need to Look Out For Are…





By shifting our attention away from fearing perceived risks like market volatility towards strategically overcoming known money pits like inflation, taxes, & fees as much as possible, we help our investors stay a few steps ahead of the game—no matter what’s going on in the world.

Instead of reacting to daily events and letting society’s crazy news cycle inform our money decisions, we simply take a step back and focus on investing in what we believe are historically EXCELLENT companies with a track record of and future propensity for…

Is this company creating innovative products/services that benefit consumers?
Is this company making a lasting, positive impact on its employees, customers, and environment?
Does this company align with family values & support long-term human flourishing?
Is this company driven by a greater legacy or purpose that contributes to long-term human prosperity?
Does this company have a solid foundation of sound business practices and structure?

Our Intentional Ownership Strategies

Our investment plans hinge on 5 Intentional Ownership Stock Strategies composed of 80 individual companies who have been designated by our Investment Committee as “excellent” based on the criteria above.

25 Stock Dividend Strategy

25 Stock Growth Strategy

Top 10 Large Stock Strategy

Top 10 International Strategy

Top 10 Israel Strategy

Instead of “diversifying” for no good reason and sinking our clients’ dollars into companies that don’t reflect their individual goals and values, we focus on four key factors…

1. Increasing our clients’ long-term potential return in the face of inflation.
3. Keeping our advising fees as low as possible and minimizing portfolio fees by minimizing the use of 3rd party funds.
2. Mitigating capital gains taxes to help our clients keep more money in their pockets.
4. Making our clients aware of what companies they own & the impact these companies are having in the world.

…So you can rest assured that your investment plan is clear & aligned with your cash needs, long-term goals, & family values.

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